Grand Prix Leagues 2011

[Wed 16th Feb] 


Below are the Grand Prix Leagues for 2011, the organising committee reserve the right to amend the leagues after the first couple of events if necessary.


Division 1


Division 2

Robby Barkley


Ian Baxter

Michael Butters


Dave Bradley

Sam Dodd


Heather Christopher

Martin Gaughan


Shaun Dodd

Steve Gillespie


Joe Fraser

Rob Hall


Gareth Hope

Andrew Henderson


Simon Lemin

Peter Holmback


Terry Mc Cabe

Jordan Middlemist


Darren Noble

Graeme Stewart


Dave Roberts

Steve Walker


Chris Stone




Division 3


Division 4

Ralph Dickinson


Heather Barrass

Steve Dobby


Philippa Baxter

Aynsley Herron


Deborah Dormand

Susanne Hunter


Davina Lonsdale

Ron Ingram


Hayley Masterman

Julie Lemin


Sharon Richardson

John Mallon


Claire Riches

Paul Turnbull


Andrea Scott

Cath Young


Colin Seccombe



Joanne Straughan



Ken Turnbull