Wensleydale Wedge 2011

[Sat 19th Nov]


First Point to Note:

This is another report about running a silly distant in stupid and glorious weather all in the same day and enjoying it, and for once the report isnít written by Dave Bradley.


Second Point to Note:

Running in this sort of event is nothing new to a Blyth Running Club Member, Itís an honour to be following in the foot steps of the likes of Terry Hart, Ken Turnbull and Steve Walker. So thanks for telling me about these grand days out, early starts, and warm and friendly welcomes you get at these events.


Now for the report:

Up a 6 am on Sunday 20th November the day after Brampton to Carlisle. Left at 6.30am after porridge and coffee to be confronted by the worst fog this year, I just made registration at 7.45am. Everyone set off at 8.00am in the fog but it didnít hamper navigation too much. Once up on the high ground the Sun was glorious and the fell tops hovered above the fog, it was truly wonderful for late November.


Then finally Castle Bolton came into site - Yes the Castle from the James Herriot Trail Race. This time I didnít have to go up the hill at the back, all I had to do was simply run another 6 miles back to Askrigg. I was suffering as I had already done 18 miles, but refreshed with tea and jam sandwiches I set off and finally made it back to Askrigg in 4 hours and 30 minutes for Beef stew, lovely Warm Tea and major leg cramps.