Autumn Relay Information

[Wed 19th Sep] 


The Autumn Relays are a three person team event.  Each team member runs one lap of the course (Normally 2.35 miles, on the industrial estate, start/finish would be the finish area of the Winter Series). 

As in normal relays, the first leg runners set off together, then as your team member returns, the next team member sets off.  All this is strictly controlled.

Teams and the team running orders are selected by one of the race organisers.  Together the three team members of each team should be equal in ability to all the other teams!   Ladies and gentlemen can be on the same team.  The minimum age of an entrant is 16 years old on the day of the race. 


This year’s event will take place on 24th October at approximately 7:15 pm (time to be confirmed).

Numerous prizes will be available.  These will be presented at the Christmas Party.  


Any paid member can participate, however may I ask you all to read carefully the attached document before deciding.

The last day that you can notify Ralph or myself of your participation is Wednesday the 17th of October.

Any very new members will need to provide some evidence of any recent race performance to enable them to be placed in a team. 

If you are unsure if you can run, perhaps because of a current injury or possible work/family commitments you can offer to be a reserve runner in case of any late race withdrawals.

We will also require marshals and assistants on the day, any help would be appreciated.


However please be aware that once the teams are confirmed (a week or so before the race) it is extremely difficult to alter them. (Alter one team you generally need to alter every team to even it out, providing you now have enough runners of course!!!). Therefore please be as sure as possible that you can run on that date before you enter.  We do try our best to accommodate any problems that arise; it’s far easier to sort these out days before and not on race day itself.

The main point to be aware of is that should a member of your team dropout before the race and we cannot find a suitable replacement of equal ability, you cannot run twice to make the team up. It does unfortunately mean that you will have an incomplete team. The remaining team member or members will “move down” the running order; leg two would now be first leg etc.  The remaining leg three runners must not have any interference from other runners. 




Iain Singer