What A Goofy Idea

[Jan 2012]


I think that it was the great medals that inspired us to take on the Goofy Challenge in Disney World Florida in January 2012.

This race comprises of Donald Duck half marathon on Saturday, and Mickey Mouse full marathon on Sunday, for which you get the prestigious Goofy Medal.

Both races started at 5.30am. When the alarm went off at 3am on Saturday we were both hoping that they would be worth it. Well I can honestly say YES, they were both worth getting up early for.

As typical with Americans, both races were really well organised at both the start and the finish. There were loads of toilets (unlike the Great North Run) and loads of razzmatazz at the Text Box:  The 3 Medalsstart, with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy starting the races. Followed by firework displays both in front and behind the corrals (well it was still dark).

Both races started in Epcot and ran through the Magic Kingdom, running through Cinderellaís Castle. The full marathon went onto Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

At mile 21 on Sunday we were both starting to wilt a bit (the sun had come out and it was getting a bit hot), but then we went into Hollywood Studios and were suddenly running through New York and Miami. This was a real boast as there were spectators cheering us on and volunteers providing sweets and chocolate.

This was a real Mickey Mouse Marathon, with runners just enjoying themselves. There were queues all around the course with runners having their photographs taken with Donald and Mickey and other Disney characters such as Cinderella and Snow White. At the finish we heard a runner telling his waiting family that his time was rubbish but his photographs were awesome!

If you want a fun marathon, with quite easy relatively flat terrain this is one for you. Although one runner did complain to us about the hill over the freeway we hadnít even noticed it. (Believe me after doing the Kielder marathon it was nothing, but he was from Illinois where they donít have any hills apparently.

We were pleased with our times. Coming 3350/13508 in the marathon. 971/6336 gender and 84/704 for my age.

The half marathon results were also good coming 4237/22423, 1312/12330 gender and 117/1310 for age.

We had the rest of the week in Orlando and people asked if we were going to the theme parks. No way we had run around them twice, the rest of the holiday was spent lying by the pool and relaxing.


Full results can be found at www.mydisneymarathon.com