Durham Dales 30 Mile Run/Walk 2012

[Sat 23rd Jun] 


‘Twas on the 23rd June

Time for the Durham Dales – it’s too soon

On the heels of The Games 100

I’ve entered it with a sense of dread

I must be mad – what a loon


Standing on the start line in the rain and chill

In anticipation and hope we all did mill

Away they set as the starter said “Go”

Keen and speedy, but little did they know

That after a mile, there’s a bloody great hill


Out on the Wiley, Windy Moors[1]

Cut and grazed, we’re in the wars

Lashed by the strong winds and heavy rain

Stoically facing up to the discomfort and pain

It’s good to be in the great outdoors


Through the raging stream, no time to rest

Because on the horizon awaits the next big test

Wipe away the sweat and tears

Put aside any residual fears

It’s the time for the dank, brooding Hamsterley Forest


Past the River Tees in full spate

Current travelling at a hell of a rate

Water up to your knees

Saying a silent prayer –“please

Don’t let me fall in – I can guess my fate”


Refreshed after the halfway stop

It’s off through Middleton at a steady trot

Up and down past derelict mines

Realising we’re lucky not to live in those times

By now I’m feeling ready to drop


At last the finish is in sight

Having battled nature with all our might

Wet, cold and covered in mud

Head held high, as all runners should

We must have looked a horrible sight


At the end we’re all smiles

Climbing fences, gates and stiles

Through mud, water and gorse

Nettles, bracken and worse

Having completed the 30 miles



Dave Bradley


[1] © Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights