Edinburgh Marathon

[Mon 28th May] 


Congrats to all the Blyth members who completed the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 27th May.  First Blyth runner back was Peter Brown in a time of 2:55:38.  Special well done to all the marathon first timers, Peter Holmback, Steve Dobby, Louise Rawlinson and Dawn Phillips.

Blyth results:-

Peter Brown                    2:55:38

Peter Holmback               3:36:20

Steve Dobby                     3:39:04

Davina Lonsdale               4:07:44

Adele Lonsdale                4:20:33

Bev Jennison                    4:42:06

Dawn Phillips                   4:42:06

Louise Rawlinson             5:27:13


A few words from Steve:

Summer had finally arrived with a vengeance on Sunday morning, the starting temp at 9:50am in Edinburgh for the marathon was a rather warm 17 deg C. The race finally got under way at 9:55 only for our progress to be halted by rope carrying numpties, sorry, marshals, my group was almost across the line before the LHS marshal decided to move over to right, at least it was slightly better than Pete's group where someone almost lost their head !, not a good start !.

The first five miles was an amble through the town down to the coast to what was to become a long drag up to the turning point at just past 17 miles. thankfully the route was fairly flat with plenty of water stations, its just a shame the stingy Scots didn't order the water bottles with sports caps, which was a tad annoying, sorry, really annoying.

With the heat rising as we approached halfway I realised my 3:30 target may be a little out of reach, by 15 miles I thought I would be walking by the 20 mark!.

Thankfully Iain Singer and Suzi were at the 16 mile mark with Jelly babies and Kendal mint cake and some much need encouragement !. Then after the turn at 17 there was a brief respite from the sun through a little wooded area it was a slog back along the coast to Musselborough, with another boost from Iain and Suzi and thankfully there was plenty of support coming back into town, another highlight was seeing Ian and Phillippa at 24 miles.

After a little walk just before 25 miles I dragged myself through the last mile to the finish in a respectable 3:39.

A big well done also to Peter Brown, Peter H, Adele and Davina and Catherine completed BRC's big hot day out.

Will I do another marathon ? probably, the Edinburgh Marathon, probably not, another this year ? probably not, at least I will find my half marathons a lot easier for the remainder of the year !!!

Keep on plodding,