Grand Prix Working Party

[Mon 27th Feb] 


The Grand Prix is rightly regarded as one of the strongest features that makes Blyth Running Club the great place to run that it is.  The Grand Prix has been running for over 25 years and the format has changed a few times in that period but recently it has been the focus for too many passionate and concerned comments from a range of members for some of the issues raised to go unaddressed.  The future of the Grand Prix was the subject of some discussion at this year's AGM, where it was decided to set up a Working Party to consider all aspects of the Grand Prix for the years 2013 onwards.


This Working Party has now been formed and has started work.  The membership of the group is intended to represent a wide range of interests, abilities and backgrounds and is as listed below: -


Robby Barkley

Heather Barrass

Heather Christopher

Mal Darbyshire

Aynsley Herron

Julie Lemin

Dave Roberts


The Working Party has taken as its objective the following statement: -


'To review and make recommendations as to all aspects of the club Grand Prix, with particular emphasis on the nature and composition of the Grand Prix from 2013 onwards.'


and is starting by considering some of the basic questions such as 'What is the purpose of the Grand Prix?', 'Who is it for?' and 'How can it best serve (all) of these people?' before moving on to considering formats.

The Working Party wants to emphasise that - whilst attendance at any meetings will be limited to those on the Working Party - it would like to hear constructive opinion and thoughts from any senior members of the club who want to contribute.

So this note is partly for information and partly a plea to make your voice heard if you have something to contribute.  Please feel free to speak to or e-mail any member of the Working Party, and they will share your thoughts with the rest of the group. 


If you are not sure who best to speak to then - as the club committee asked Dave to chair the Working Party - please e-mail Dave Roberts at


Many thanks

Grand Prix Working Party