Winter Series 2011/12 Report

[Thu 5th Apr]


After seven races in six months the 2011/12 Winter Series has reached its conclusion and the overall results can now be announced. First place in the individual competition went to newcomer Margaret Povey, whose incredible consistency over her best five finishes (1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th and 4th) gave a remarkable low score of 13pts, which must be the lowest overall score ever achieved - unless anyone knows different?

Margaret's times improved throughout the races, from 24:55 in race one to 21:30 in race 7, an improvement of almost 3 minutes, who would want to be a handicapper!

Second and third places were much closer, with only 1 point separating Julie Lemin in second from Phillippa Baxter in third.


Just like the individual competition the team competition also provided runaway winners in "The Broons", who finished 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st and 3rd in the seven races to amass a total of 160 points, congratulations go to team captain Peter Brown and the remainder of his winning squad, Margaret Povey, Susanne Hunter, Hayley Masterman, Julie Lemin and Alison Lowes.

In second place with 123 points were "RnR", followed by "Babes in the Wood" with 79 points in third.


And finally - a few stats for the anoraks:

Best time of 13:01 by Gary Jones, followed by Jake Jansen's 13:51 and Robbie Barkley's 13:53.

Best ladies time of 15:35 by Leanne Herron, followed by Charlie Hedley's 16:01 and Heather Christopher's 16:02.

New ladies vets record of 16:02 by Heather Christopher.

74 total competitors.

Nine runners who only completed one race.

Twenty-two runners to complete all seven races.

Smallest winning margin - Alison Lowes beating Ian Baxter by 6 seconds in race 5.

Largest winning margin - Louise Douglas beating Steph Ramsey by 88 seconds in race 7.


Many thanks to the 2 Dave's, all the marshalls and 'The Stig', without who's help the event couldn't take place.


See you all again next year, Same place, Same time.....................