Blyth Running Club 2015 Grand Prix



The format for the 2015 Grand Prix is a 12 race season with four races in each of three categories – up to 10km, up to 10 miles and above 10 miles.  Each entrant to the Grand Prix will count their best two results from each category.  Runners are reminded that, for the purpose of Grand Prix scoring, if a race is being ‘chip timed’ it is the order in which runners cross the finish line that counts and not the chip time.  These are the only rules for the club Grand Prix.

Members of Blyth Running Club are expected to wear club vests in all Grand Prix races and are also required to comply with all ‘local rules’ set by the organiser of each event.  (Note that these rules will often include age limits, which may result in some of the younger club members being unable to participate in some races).

Members are also expected to comply with good etiquette at all times and specifically must comply with all instructions from race organisers and marshals, must do nothing to adversely affect the good name of Blyth Running Club and should do nothing to either favour or adversely affect the performance of other Grand Prix competitors during races.

Season Composition

The races for the 2015 season are shown on the attached sheet.  These have been selected by the BRC Grand Prix Working Party and any feedback after events can usefully be given to any member of this group (but preferably by e-mail or in writing if you want it to be remembered).

At the present time, the dates for most of the early season races are known but there always remains the possibility of further change.  Further information on race dates will be publicised as and when known.  In the event of any of the announced races being either cancelled or clashing with another race on the list, the Working Party reserves the right to select an alternative race where practical and both time and the calendar allowing.

Grand Prix Working Party

Robbie Barkley

Lee Cuthbertson

Steven French

Julie Lemin

Alfred Margison

Claire Mason

David Potts

Louise Rawlinson

Dave Roberts (chair)


2015 Grand Prix Season


Haweswater Half Marathon                        East Lake District                              1st March

Longtown 10M                                                  Longtown, North Cumbria           4th April

Keswick Half Marathon                                 Keswick, Central Lakes                  3rd May

George Ogle 6M                                               Derwent Valley, Tyne & Wear     27th May

Newburn River Run                                        Newburn Riverside                         Late June

Tynedale 10K                                                     Ovingham, Northumberland       1st July

Darlington 10K                                                   Darlington, Co Durham                  Early Aug

LGBT 5K                                                                Exhibition Park, Newcastle          Mid Aug

Haltwhistle Half Marathon                           Haltwhistle, Northumberland     Late Sept

Castles Half Marathon                                   North Northumberland                 Late Oct

Brampton to Carlisle 10M                             East Cumbria                                      Mid/Late Nov

Loftus Poultry Run                                           Loftus, North Yorks                         Mid Dec


Runners are reminded that each entrant to the Grand Prix will count only their best two results from each category.  It is not expected that runners should aim to compete in all twelve races.