Club AGM 2015

[Tue 23th Feb]


This is notification that the Blyth Running Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th March 2015. 

The meeting is at Blyth Sports Centre (Studio 2) and will commence at 8:30pm.


In the meantime this will be the Agenda for the meeting.


1.†††††††† Apologies


2.†††††††† Minutes of meeting 13/01/14


3.†††††††† Matters arising from minutes


4.†††††††† Chairmanís Report


5.†††††††† Secretaryís Report


6.†††††††† Treasurerís Report


7.†††††††† Election of Committee


8.†††††††† Election of Auditor


9.†††††††† Any Other Business


You should be aware that only items received beforehand can be included on the Agenda and discussed at the AGM.