The Geumsan 5K



During our stay in South Korea, Dave, Shaun (Dave's son) and I all competed in the Geumsan 5k road race.  The small town of Geumsan is situated in the south west of Korea and slightly north of Jinju where we were staying.  It is a small rural town set in the hills south of Daejeon-( Korea's 5th largest city).  Every year in September the "Geumsan Ginseng Festival" is held to promote the region's most famous product. The events include music, dance, athletic contests, fireworks and lantern parades.

It was the 34th Geumsan Insam Festival which was held on Sunday 14th September 2014

The 5k race was scheduled to start at 9.20am after the 10k and half marathon starts.  We arrived just in time with minutes to spare- running to the start line.  A flat out and back road course alongside the river Jeukbyekgang and in about 80-85 degrees temperature.  Shaun was first back in 8th place in 20.21; then I crossed the tape as 3rd lady in 24.31; Dave managed about 27 minutes.

After photos, cold showers provided by the fire brigade, a carton of milk, banana and sweet cake sandwich- the presentation was held.

I was presented on the podium with a lovely glass trophy and box of Red Korean Honeyed Ginseng.

I will be taking entries for next year if anyone fancies; either 5k, 10k, or half marathon- there are good cash prizes in wons and plenty of lush ginseng.

The website for results and info is: or