Winter Series 2013/14 Report

[Sat 19th Apr] 


After seven races stretching over 5 months the 2013/14 Winter Series has reached its conclusion and the overall results can now be announced.  First place in the individual competition went to first -timer Phillippa Edwards, whose best five finishes were all top ten placings (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 9th) giving an overall score of 28pts, Phillippa's time improved with every race starting with 23:29 for race 1 and finishing with 20:40 in race 7, an improvement of 2:49 over the series. 

In second place on 57pts was Suzanne Beal, another first-timer, who improved by 2:24 over the series, and in third (and definitely not a newbie) was Kevin Freeman with 66pts.


Just like the individual competition the team competition also provided runaway winners in "Alison's Aces", with both the first and second in the individual competition in the team "Alison's Aces" recorded 3 first and 4 second places over the seven races to amass a total of 155 points, congratulations go to team captain Alison Lowes and the remainder of the winning squad, Suzanne Beal, Sue Browning, Phillippa Edwards, Lynn Munroe and Sue Rochester.

In joint second place with 98 points were "RnR" and "MP Free Runners" with 98 points.


And finally - a few stats for the anoraks:

            Best time of 13:21 by Bradley Clough in race 5, followed by Lee Cuthbertson's 13:43 and James Young's 13:48.

            (Bradley actually posted the best 3 times as he also recorded 13:34 and 13:36)

            Best ladies time of 15:41 by Leanne Herron (also 15:42 and 15:47), followed by Emma James's 16:01 and Judith             Nutt's 16:41.

            84 total competitors.

            Six runners who only completed one race.

            Eighteen runners who completed all seven races.

            Smallest winning margin - Emma James beating Joseph Woods in race 4 but with both recording the same time.

            Largest winning margin - Scott Legge beating Phillippa Edwards by 69 seconds in race 1.


Many thanks to the 2 Dave's, all the marshalls and 'The Stig', without who's help the event couldn't take place.


See you all again next year, Same place, Same time.....................