X-C Update Feb 2015

[Thu 26th Feb]


Since the last set of results were published from the Durham Relays, three BRC League XC fixtures have taken place; here is a summary of the results and an update of the league standings.


There are two NEHL fixtures remaining, Saturday 28th Feb 2015 is NEHL Alnwick Castle and Saturday 14th Mar 2015 is NEHL Wrekenton. The menís team are currently tied joint top of Division 3 with Jesmond Joggers, I believe two teams go up so promotion is a given. However, itís worth noting the menís team have won every fixture apart from our own Cramlington fixture, where a weakened team was fielded due to organisational and marshalling duties. 1st place belongs to Blyth so we need to have the strongest possible menís (and womenís) teams out for the two remaining fixtures. Also the Alnwick fixture is the most scenic and Ďinterestingí fixture of the NEHL so if youíve never ran an XC before, this is the one for you.


Northern Champs Pontefract, Yorks

Saturday 24th Jan 2015

Helen Morris has written a great report for the Northern Champs and is accessible from the BRC NEHL page. To recap the menís and ladies finishing positions were as follows:


1.†††† Martin Scott (5+3 points)

2.†††† Dave Bradley (4+3 points)


1.†††† Helen Morris (5+3 points)

2.†††† Claire Mason (4+3 points)

3.†††† Anne Craddock (3+3 points)


Well done all who ran and travelled!


NEHL Bedewell Park, Jarrow

Saturday 31st Jan 2015

The quote from the last report ĎGraeme Stewart surely canít be caught at this stageí, was just the kiss of death Graeme didnít need as the menís league leader picked up an injury and missed out on this fixture. Chris Sheffer had a great run and was 1st back for Blyth, just ahead of Brad Clough starting from the fast pack. In 3rd place was Peter Holmback with Robbie Barkley, Steve Dobby and Mark Nicholson making up the 6 counting places. Dave Bradley and Peter Maylia also ran to pick up points in the BRC league. This was to be Brad Cloughís last XC race for Blyth, big thanks to Brad for his efforts this season.

Blyth ladies had a team of 5 for this fixture, previous form continued in this race as Heather Christopher finished 1st Blyth from the medium pack followed by Julie Lemin, Helen Morris, Ewa Johnson and Anne Craddock. Up to and including this race Anne has competed in all 8 league fixtures this season, her place as the current highest place V40+ is just reward for her efforts.


English National Champs Parliament Hill, London

Saturday 21st Feb 2015

One man and one man alone travelled to London as the sole BRC representative at the English National XC Champs. An unsettling prospect for most but not for the masochistic Dave Bradley who thrives on distance and solitude. I suspect Dave will be writing his own report but he did finish and pick up a nice little points boost (5+3) for his efforts. Well done Dave!

Current Standings

Graeme Stewart still has a comfortable lead in the menís competition with 82 points. In joint 2nd place with 58 points are Brad Clough and Dave Bradley, however Brad will accrue no further points as a non-Blyth runner and should drop out of the trophy positions after Alnwick and Wrekenton. Waiting in the wings, 1 point behind, and in 4th place as the highest V40+ is Martin Scott with 57 points. *

* U20ís Chris Sheffer and Mark Nicholson were awarded discretionary points of 2+3 and 1+3 for the North Easterns after being ineligible to run the seniors race for this event only. Senior race points were awarded as normal.

In the ladies competition Heather Christopher leads with 55 points, closely followed by Julie Lemin in 2nd with 50 points. 1 point behind Julie is Helen Morris with 49 points. Best placed V40+ is Anne Craddock.

Trophy positions in both leagues are separated by 1 point Ė thereís everything to play for at Alnwick and Wrekenton!