Inter Counties X-C Champs

[Sat 8th Mar]


Hello everyone.


I would say short, serious, official report this is going to be, but we all know it isn't. On Friday evening at central station runners awaiting to get picked up for the inter counties, representing north east. All I heard in the journey was people at the back of the bus asking their 10k targets for the year, the slowest time I heard was 32 minutes, I  just kept quiet in that conversation. 


After 4 hours on a bus we arrived in Tamworth, after that long journey everyone made friends and figured out what people were like, I presume most of them found that out about me within 12 seconds. Besides most of the women who I presume they couldn't stop looking at me, in amazement of how any male can look that good.


We got paired and put into rooms, we stayed in a lovely holiday inn. Most lads agreed to meet in 1 hour to order some food, as I was sharing a room so babestation could not be watched.


The day of the race arrived, everyone extremely nervous. Rather than getting an good warm up I decided to watch the under 20 women warm up, never seen so many nice arses, I was living the dream. 


My race eventually kicked off, both me and young josh wearing the colour gold, but green and white still flowing through our veins, the start of the race was like a 100m sprint, the course was nice, a couple of big hills but big crowds cheering you on, the mud was crazy. 


I completed my race in 31.48 for 5 mile and finished 166th overall, and 2nd for Northumberland, was very pleased. Young josh had an excellent run finishing 222nd, in a time of 12.29 for 3k.


I hope you enjoyed the report, yours sincerely The incredible love maker.