Aces 'Rock' Dublin 2015

[Fri 14th Aug] 


One Saturday morning as the birds start to cry,

Seven great runners checked in to fly.

To the Aspire lounge they went - prosecco in hand,

Ready to fly to the emerald green land.


They arrived in sunny Dublin sometime around noon

And soon they were directed to their very swish room.

Collecting race numbers was a bit of a farce

Because Mummy Sue was a whacking great arse!!!

The night involved pasta and a little bit wine,

All were having a wonderful time.


Text Box:


Sunday was race day – the day we all dread

Only Andrea bounced up and out of her bed.

The weather was rainy as we sported bin bags

Off to the start line in our Blyth green rags.

A photo op later, we’re raring to go,

The Rock n Roll half – on with the show.


Sue and Leanne took off like a shot,

Jen and Fiona got all red and hot.

Andrea, Ali and Lynn brought up the rear

Many people around to encourage and cheer.

The course was quite pleasant – a hill here and there

Though most of us athletes showing some wear.

Hill at mile 10 was a cruel twist of fate,

But with a band at the top, none of us could hate.


The end soon in sight with Sue in the lead

In only (1.57:42) she completed the deed.

Jen caught Leanne and rocked in quite quick – (2.06:58)

A huge choice of crisps and a beer she did pick.

Leanne came in next (2.07:01) a champion PB

She’s a canny good runner it’s clear to see.

Fiona the imposter rolled in (2.10:48) looking daft,

Another PB more luck than sheer graft.

Ali and Andrea – together the whole way

Again put on an impressive display. (2.29:55)

Our lovely pal Lynn danced her way round

In 2.43:38 and about her toe – not a moan, not a sound.


13.1 miles ran – what  spooners,

For all in the run bag was wart cream and tuna.

The night ended late with Guinness and dancing

Though next morning we’re stiff and no longer prancing.

The man that did bark a highlight to shout,

Dublin we’ll be back - of that there’s no doubt.