Newburn River Run 2015

[Mon 22nd Jun] 


The fifth race of the 2015 Grand Prix season was close to home and a perennial favourite, not least because it is nearly all dead flat (and therefore well attuned to the preferences of most Blyth runners) and a very friendly event, efficiently run by Elswick Harriers out of Newburn Leisure Centre.


It was a windy evening but seemed quite warm and humid all the same.  The first half heads west along the northern bank of the river to Wylam bridge (so that was into the wind) and then it is across the bridge, east along the southern bank and back over Newburn bridge to the Leisure Centre and the finish.  Mostly off road but very straightforward.  What could go wrong?


Well, 20 of our Grand Prix runners (and five other members as well) finished the race, with several having proved that all was not quite so straightforward but everyone seemed to enjoy the race overall.  Many of our runners were witness to the distressing sight of one of the faster runners having collapsed in the fourth mile - several competitors had stopped to help - but it turns out that he recovered later, and so that was relief to us all.


Sam Dodd was again first back for Blyth and Leanne Herron was also first lady again.  Divisions 1, 3, 4 & 5 saw repeat victories for Sam, Dave, Ralph and Leanne Davies, while young Mark Nicholson was first back from Division 2 in only his second Grand Prix race.


Division 4 were very well represented, with 6 of the 7 entrants running on the night, and Divisions 2 (5 out of 8) and 5 (4 out of 6) also saw good turnouts.  Perhaps Divisions 1 and 3 need to buck their ideas up!


All in all, a good race and good to see a better turnout for this one as well.