Town Moor Marathon 2015

[Sun 1st Nov] 


I signed up to do this race last year as my first marathon attempt but was injured part way through the training. It is organised by the North East Marathon Club and I like the idea of reasonably local races which don't cost the earth- although I lost count of all the folks who said "Ah no! Five laps of the Town Moor- can't think of anything worse!".

Anyway fast forward a year, my training went reasonably well and I reached the starting line relatively intact - thanks in part to Darren Noble for a couple of good leg massages. Weather-wise this November 1st was warm and sunny with no wind but maybe a bit too warm for me.

The five lap course is mainly flat on paths/tracks/little bit of grass apart from the long pull up Grandstand Road.

I set off with Davina and Hayley but after about 10 minutes decided they were going way too quick for me and dropped back to a more sensible pace. The first half went fairly well although there was a very strong temptation to quit every time I ran past the finish line! By the second half, although not quite a repeat of London, I slowed significantly and was very relieved to finally finish in 4hrs 51. So I managed a pb and got lots of medals and a lovely glass trophy for ladies V55 and a nice t-shirt! - a good days work. Hayley and Davina also completed with very good times and took home medals and trophies.

In conclusion, I'm not sure I would do this one again, but although I did say never again for another marathon, I'm already looking at NEMC's list for next year!


Anne Craddock